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1. Discovering metadata that describes a scholarly resource

1 As a human or machine user, I want to easily and uniformly identify the metadata in a repository record, so that I can ascertain the relevance of the resource. Most repositories provide links to bibliographic information that describes a scholarly resource. Typically, these links are provided in the landing page and are discriminated by the use of link anchors that identify a metadata schema or citation format such as “bibtex”, “RIS”, “DC”, etc.  This allows a researcher to easily select the desired metadata, if needed. But tools such as reference managers or crawlers that are on a digital preservation or data mining mission cannot easily or uniformly find their way to that metadata. They need to resort to repository-specific heuristics when trying to accomplish their task. Also, when these tools land on resources other than the landing page – say the PDF or the dataset – they are at a loss as to where to find the metadata. Using typed HTTP links with appropriate link types and format indicators on web resources that make up a scholarly object, will enable both humans and machines to discover the metadata and accomplish their tasks. Leave a comment on line 1 0

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