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12. Preservation

1 As a scholar, I want my research outputs to be available over the long term and remain as a permanent part of the scholarly record. I also want to know that my article will be recoverable in the event a repository loses its copy of my work. I may also be interested in searching archival holding.Open access means not just that you can have access to things today, but also into the future. We can envision preservation services that will support repository operations within a network. Not every repository needs to run its own preservation processing stack, but rather we need common standards, protocols and interoperability that will enable us to build these services for repositories in a collective way. Additionally it is necessary to preserve the complex interconnection of resources, which involves preservation activities at various levels including the resource, metadata and information graph.  Furthermore, through enhanced clients and embedding new technology in information creation and communication platforms, capture and preserve content creation in real-time. Leave a comment on line 1 0

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