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4. Recognizing the user

1 As a user, I want my repository to recognize me and other users so that I can be connected with other users who I know, leave comments and be informed of content that is of interest to me. It is very common for blogging platforms to allow readers to comment on postings by authors that use the platform. When these readers are required to identify themselves to comment and this can lead to constructive conversations and the creation or reinforcement of social connections. Similarly, repositories can allow readers to comment, annotate, or peer-review scholarly resources authored by the scholars that deposit to the repository. Identification of readers can be done by means of a permanent ID if they are researchers or by another web identity such as the popular mainstream social networks. This can help foster a new level of scholarly interactions. But, additionally, the ability to uniformly identify oneself in repositories, worldwide, adds a global dimension to repositories that have thus far been largely isolated from each other. Leave a comment on line 1 0

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