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7. Providing a social notification feed

1 As a repository user, I want to have access to a global, cross-repository social feed so that I am informed about activities in which I have registered an active interest. For example, one of my social media contacts added a document, someone commented on a paper in a feed I was subscribed to, an open review has been provided on a paper I have read, a new dataset has been attached to a paper I am watching, a paper has been published based on a dataset I have used, etc. In order to be able to support this functionality, repositories should be able to actively and in real-time push activity events (document changes, additions, comments, new peer-reviews, etc)  to “global” (but possibly distributed) interaction hubs; and repositories (and possibly directly users) should be able to consume in real-time activity event logs from the interaction hubs.  Content curated and available through repositories should be embeddable and taggable within communication platforms, broadcasted through common social media channels. Subsequently, content from related activity within these platforms should be curatable as well. Leave a comment on line 1 1

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