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8. Resource syncing and notification

1 As a repository manager, I want my repository to be automatically notified about new or modified relevant objects and metadata, so that I can have a more complete and accurate collection. I also want other, remote systems to be notified of changes made to my collection to ensure that records are standardized across various locations. To fulfill this use case, the repository will need to be notified from other services about new and related content via a hub through which it has subscribed ‘interest’ in notifications. To support this, a repository will need to expose all changes to its contents (new objects, or new/enhanced version of existing objects, or new/ edited/ enhanced metadata records related with those objects) to all interested repositories or other information systems. Simultaneously, the repository will be notified of changes of content in other repositories/information systems that are relevant for its context (based on identifiers – authors, objects and institutions). Leave a comment on line 1 0

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